Who we are

innovation grounded in your tradition


Every project is unique and must capture the spirit of its own place and users. At GBR, we foster a workplace environment that encourages collaboration, creative thinking and consistently produces high quality design.


Our work focuses on academic, civic and religious institutions, U.S. government agencies, and foreign embassies.


We actively listen to understand client needs. We design to transform those goals and aspirations into memorable, sustainable and enjoyable spaces.

GBR Vision

Architecture is the physical expression of creative functional solutions experienced through form, space, material and spirit.  Our guiding principle is to create enduring, memorable architecture that is innovative, energy efficient, environmentally responsible and respectful of its site and community context.

Meet the Team

A Collaborative Endeavor

GBR’s approach to design starts with engaging our clients in a structured process that builds broad-based consensus.  Important to building a spirit of collaboration for any initiative is a sense of common purpose that is shared across all stakeholders. Understanding how to organize and facilitate this working process is key to ensuring a constructive outcome. GBR provides strong leadership to guide an interactive process.


Sonia Jarboe