Giang Tran

Giang is a lead project designer who pursues a high level of design consistently throughout all aspects of his projects. His experience spans all areas of professional architectural practice with a focus on projects for religious institutions, educational facilities, and residential clients. His strong design background makes him a crucial member of the GBR team. His curiosity with the evolution of architecture allows him to always explore and bring projects to a higher level.


In approaching design, every designer brings what is already known from previous experience when engaging a new project with its specific set of issues.  However, Giang believes that a successful design will require the designer to avoid falling into accepting a certain set of rules in building space without questioning the status quo. The key is to examine what is not known and not simply to submit to the force of expected strategies.  Even to projects with similar programs, this approach will present designer with a new opportunity to experiment and open up entirely different solutions.


University of Minnesota, Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Giang Tran

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