Miller Center of Public Affairs

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virgina


Working closely with Miller Center staff, GBR Architects designed a multimedia archive and library for this nationally recognized government and public affairs center for the study of the American presidency at the University of Virginia. This library provides reading and research space for scholars; storage for a number of collections, including digital media, books, and audiotapes; and a full compliment of office space for staff and scholars. Multiple additions weave through and around the historic Faulkner House to complete the ensemble. GBR Architects designed warm, scholarly spaces that range from personal and shared offices to larger gathering areas, such as the reading room.


GBR Architects not only connected all floors together with clear and unobstructed paths but also integrated interior and exterior to better serve Miller center functions.  A new landscaped court spans between the two additions to welcomes scholars and visitors for expanded functions.