Author: natasha

Designing for Extremes: Building a Resilient City

As weather patterns continue to fluctuate at a dramatic rate, those involved in the design of the built environment are looking for ways to adapt structures to the inevitable consequences of climate change.   I attended the seminar Designing for Extremes: Building a Resilient City at the District Architecture Center on February 7th where speakers with backgrounds in meteorology, development, architecture and planning addressed issues of a warming climate and it's impact on our infrastructure. The days of avoiding climate change are over, as it's already here. While D.C. has not experienced a natural disaster on the scale of Hurricane Katrina or Sandy, the District is still recovering from the Federal Triangle Flash Flood of 2006 while also having the wettest year to date in 2018. Not to mention the increase of days above 95 degrees Fahrenheit year after year with decreases in average snowfall.   Efforts to mitigate the damage from rising temperatures...

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