Author: eliza

Postcard from Living Product Expo 2018

Last fall I attended the Living Product Expo in Pittsburg, PA, put on by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).  I was curious about what type of products would be exhibited and how they would vary from the ‘sustainable’ products that I have been specifying for years.  I also wanted to find out what manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to be leaders in the development of healthier building products.  The International Living Future Institute has a rating system called the Living Building Challenge (LBC) (similar to how USGBC has the LEED rating system).  My quick definition of the Living Building Challenge is ‘LEED on steroids’.  It not only incorporates LEED standards but goes beyond their requirements and requires testing of the building performance during a twelve-month period after occupation.  I’ll back up a little for those who aren’t familiar with the Living Building Challenge.    The Living Building Challenge...

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